A Consortium for Education, Communication and Technology

NEAT is one of six higher education regional networks in Minnesota. Together with the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, these six regional networks form the Minnesota Higher Education Learning Network.

As in all facets of life, evolving and emerging technologies have changed the teaching and learning experience. Distance education through interactive television (ITV) and online learning offerings has expanded learning opportunities for students and provided teachers and teaching institutions with new challenges. The NorthEast Alliance for Telecommunications (NEAT) exists to provide its members with the tools and support to help them meet these new challenges. NEAT supports its member's efforts by facilitating ITV, a converged high-speed network, and other services as required by members.

Minnesota's statewide-converged backbone is available for a full range voice, video, and data applications. NEAT is here to help its members explore and use these facilities. Although ITV is the most noticeable application supported, NEAT is working closely with members to increase network bandwidth and improve and expand telecommunication services.